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The Platter Academy

Enrol in our online classes - learn how to make gourmet vegan platters & watermelon cakes! All classes are pre-recorded and broken down into easy to follow lessons. This means you can start learning right away. Watch anywhere, anytime & learn entirely at your own pace!

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The Watermelon Cake Tutorial

Learn our exact cake making process!


 These cakes went viral on Instagram last summer and since then we have been blessed to make hundreds for our clients!

If you are wanting to make one for a family event or looking to add a new offering for your clients - look no further! This course was made for you!

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The Platter Masterclass


Learn our personal method for achieving an elevated, stylish and standout platter every


Lessons Include:

How to Choose The Best Platter Ingredients
How to Style Dried Goods and Crackers
Choosing and Styling Vegan Cheeses
Intensive Fruit Cutting Class
Styling Your Dips
Final Touches Our Clients Rave About

Notes on Creativity and Finding Your Unique Style

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